SONYA KEHLER manages her own women’s wellness consulting business, Viva Yoni. She’s been in the wellness  industry since 2002. She started her business in 2004, helping women achieve weight loss and fitness goals, with a holistic philosophy rooted in self-love.

Today, Viva Yoni, uses her combined, seventeen years plus, experience with massage therapy training, personal training, nutrition coach and a Master NLP Life coach. Viva Yoni carves out a special niche for busy women to self-prioritize and reconnect with themselves on an intimate level.

Viva Yoni addresses many women’s issues, such as, weakened pelvic floor, leading to organ prolapse, bladder leakage as well as other concerns, including vaginal dryness and numbness, shame, vulnerability and increasing and intensifying orgasms.

As a child, Sonya saw her own mother, suffer from a lack of self-care ruining her health and eventually leading to her death. She vowed never to follow in those same footsteps leading to the inception of Viva Yoni. As a single mother of two sons, she knows this struggle personally. It became Sonya’s life passion to both inspire and teach women to have self-acceptance, to care for their desires to achieve an energetic and joyful life which all can be achieved through Viva Yoni's programs.

Viva Yoni practices and advice gives women the courage to ask for what they want from the bedroom to the boardroom and transform their lives from unfulfilled to whole and purposeful.

Viva Yoni offers a wide range of programs and services - from individual coaching, to seminars, webinars and is currently building a model for worldwide retreats.

The owner Sonya understands the many demands on women's time and energy. As well, it is crucial to achieve harmony and balance in one's life. Equally important is the ability to have fun and laugh.



REAL LIFE with J. Lee - Do You Know Your Yoni? Part 1

Sonya Kehler guest stars discusses what "yoni" means and stresses the importance of all the aspects of women's health; physical, mental, spiritual and sexual.

Recorded live at the FXBG Pirate Radio Studios in Fredericksburg, Virginia on December 6th, 2017.

Part 2 of "Do You Know Your Yoni?" featuring Sonya Kehler of Viva Yoni. Sonya continues to educate J., Mike, and Viv on the aspects of "yoni health," which focuses on sexuality, diet, and spiritual understanding.

Recorded December 6th, 2017 at the FXBG Pirate Radio Studios in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Listen below!