• Sonya has taught me how to talk to myself and remind me of how beautiful, loving and kind I am to everyone, but to also be kind and loving to myself with affirmations to remind me that I AM ALL THAT!

  • I have been training with Sonya for the past two and one half years and sessions with Sonya have become an integral part of my life. I am one of her "older" clients but because of my sessions with Sonya, I have more strength and flexibility than ever! She is my motivator. She changes up the routines so that they never become boring. In addition, Sonya is knowledgeable about all aspects of human health and I am grateful that she readily shares this wisdom with me during our sessions.

    Rachel Myerowitz 68 years old
  • I've worked with fitness trainers and physical therapists through the years. Sonya is my favorite! She combines deep knowledge about how to help me increase my strength and cardiovascular fitness with a great sense of humor and enthusiasm for the task of guiding me towards my goals. Sonya closely observes my body and form when we're working together and helps me improve my mind/body connection. She pushes and encourages me and explains her techniques along the way. With Sonya, I'm becoming stronger and more fit...very exciting!

    Donna 64 years old
  • Sonya's attitude was encouraging & optimistic. I always felt that she pushed me to my abilities. She was attentive and she knew how to get the best out of me. She made my workouts fun and effective. When I started working out on my own I found myself asking, WWSS? (what would Sonya say), when I needed mental guidance to get through that last rep, or start yet another set!. She continues to inspire me!

    Elisa 54 years old